Safe Harbor

Black River is our favorite harbor in the west end of Lake Superior.  Snug, scenic, safe and secure, it offers pastoral refuge on the way from Ontonagon to the Apostle Islands.

Black River (7 of 7)

The harbor entrance is a narrow opening in the breakwater.  In calm water, no big deal.  When entering from boisterous seas that gap can be a little intimidating.  Once through, the inner harbor is always mill pond flat.

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For $20 a night, we get electricity, water, free pump out (which we don’t need) and access to a nice park with bathrooms.  A number of local fishermen have reserved spots along the dock wall, but we’ve always been able to find a place to tie up.  At the west end of the harbor is a cool walking suspension bridge over Black River.

Black River (5 of 7)

Three quarters of a mile up stream are Angel Falls.  Scenic viewpoints are available on both sides of the river.  Both have unique views and both have considerable vertical climbs during the 3/4 mile hike.

Black River (1 of 7)

Black River is also the site of our first two major wildlife boarding events on Endeavor.

Getting to Black River from Ontonagon, about 40 miles, became interesting as a mid-day fog settled in.

Black River (2 of 7)

Black River (4 of 7)

Once visibility dropped below 1/2 mile we fired up the radar and felt our way along the coast.  We’ve sailed full days in fog on Superior before and know the safety drill.  Fog is definitely an other-worldly experience , especially on a calm day.  Fortunately we did not pass any other boats on this sparsely populated shoreline.

Black River (3 of 7)

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