Motor Week

Motor week is officially done… Yea!  Most of the projects from here on out are basically putting Endeavor back together, often with new pieces.  Each week in the plan is dedicated to a functional area of the boat.  This last week was centered on the boat’s propulsion.

The main engine, a Honda 15hp 4-stroke outboard, has been mounted and connected on a new mount I built.  The mount brings the outboard as close to the transom as possible and places the propeller at a depth to all but eliminate cavitation (when the prop loses “bite” on the water and the engine races) in rough water.

To store our dinghy outboard on passages a new vertical sliding mount was built.  This mount allows the 9.9hp Yamaha outboard to be stored up out of the water and let down vertically to act as a backup engine.

Up                                                    Down

Next week we tackle Steering: the rudders, control cables and outboard linkage.

Assless Chaps

Peg’s big project the last 3 weeks has been sewing a set of chaps for the rigid inflatable boat, or RIB, our dinghy.  The chaps cover the inflatable tubes, both protecting them from the sun and providing rub protection at docks.  The base material is UV resistant, with reinforcement around all fittings and a vinyl rub rail around the perimeter. Here is a picture in progress, without the drawstrings drawn or the tubes fully inflated.  It will tighten up to be form fitting. Also visible is the box we built under the seat to provide a storage area.  A pocket at the bow is for holding lines.


Peg has shown true grit sticking with the project, with great results.  The admiral has a whole vocabulary I was not aware of.  Must help the sewing process.

The List

Getting ready for a one-year trip on a boat involves a LOT of preparation.  Here is the list of stuff yet to do by August 1.  Many tasks are an hour or less, but several will take multiple days.

So if you don’t see much of us between now and then… you’ll know why.

Category Task
Anchor Install Lewmar Windlass and Controls
Anchor Make Bow Bridle (OneNote)
Anchor Make Looper’s Loop
Anchor Make Spring Line
Arch Arch Final Polishing
Arch Install Swinging Crane
Arch Make Rain Catcher
Arch Mount Clutches & Tackle
Arch Mount Life Sling & MOB Pole
Arch Mount Solar Clamps & Brackets
Arch Passivate Arch Welds
Arch Test Dinghy Lift & X-Bracing
Computer Audiobook Collection
Computer Movie & Series Collection
Docs Boat Documents
Docs Obtain FCC Ships License
Docs Register PLBs
Docs Renew PJ Trailer Plates
Docs Renew USCG Registration
Electrical Backlight Power Panel
Electrical Build Bilge Alarms
Electrical Convert Running Lights to LED
Electrical Install LED Interior Lights
Electrical Install Solar Power
Electrical Install WiFi Extender & Hub
Electrical Underwater LED Lights
Hull Repair Gelcoat Dings
Interior New Refirgerator: Dometic 2351
Launch Obtain DOT Permit
Launch Prep Boat & Trailer for Moving
Launch Move Boat to Hudson
Launch Launch
Launch Step Mast
Launch Sea Trials
Mast Build/Install Radar Mount
Mast CCD Camera
Mast Finish Loop Mast Carrier
Mast Install Bail & Ascension Block
Mast Install Bat Cars
Mast Install Flag Halyards
Mast Install Forestay Shackle
Mast Install LED Deck Lights
Mast Install Mast Clutches
Mast Install Radar Reflector
Mast Install Top & Bottom Mast Steps
Mast Install Whisker Pole Track
Misc Mail via American Home Base or Brendans Isle
Navigation Install Plotter, AIS, Radar, Network
Outboards Install 18 Gallon Fuel Tanks
Outboards Install Auto-Tether Audio & Flashing Alarm
Outboards Install Control Binnacle/Controls
Outboards Install Dinghy Outboard Holder
Outboards Install Fuel Manifold/Racor Filter
Outboards Outboard Steering Lines/Release
Outboards Route Outboard Control Cables
Papers Birth Certificate Copies
Papers Drivers Licenses
Papers Health Insurance Documents
Papers International Vaccination Cards
Papers Passports
Papers SSN Cards
Plumbing Bung Plugs tied to each thru hull
Plumbing Check All Thru-Hulls
Plumbing Install Manifolds
Plumbing Re-Install Air Head
Plumbing Route Bilge Pumps to Boards
Plumbing Route Pex Tubing
Plumbing Vent On-Demand Water Heater
Rigging Install Gybe-Easy
Rigging Machine Whisker Pole Ends
Rudders Fiberglass/Refinish Rudders
Rudders Install Rudders
Rudders Make Stern Rain Curtains
Rudders Replace Steering Cables
Windows Replace Bimini Top Windows
Windows Replace Cabin Windows

Welcome to “What a ship is”

Welcome to Don and Peg’s blog!

A favorite quote from a favorite movie is:

“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and sails; that’s what a ship needs. Not what a ship is. What (a ship) really is, is freedom.” – Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

Seemed like a fitting theme for our blog. This blog is our record of the wonderful year we spent sailing America’s Great Loop. An eventful year of freedom and discovery.

Our first big voyage was the The Great Loop.