Time Flies

As of today, we plan to launch Endeavor in 16 days and depart on the loop in 35!


It feels great to see the to-do list dwindling down.  Once the boat windows are done we will be left with mostly packing and logistical tasks.  We have to pack the boat with only the things we think we need.  Luckily the Admiral and I have spent 5 seasons with Endeavor, so we’ve got a pretty good idea how much we want to pack in.  Everything else has to be packed into a couple of rooms at home.  When we get down to the last week  vehicles and other motorized equipment have to be prepped for storage.

I’m also finishing up my SCUBA certification this week and then having a large kidney stone removed next week.

… and dental/medical checkups

… and


*pensive but happy sigh*


We Can See Clearly Now

The last large boat project is underway:  replacing most of the windows.


The Gemini windows are made of a Lexan (polycarbonate) material and we are manufacturing the replacements ourselves. The process is fairly easy, if time consuming:

  1. Separate the old window from the old adhesive
  2. Use the old window as a pattern and copy it in Peg’s shop
  3. Mask and paint black areas at the window edge
  4. Drill and countersink a ton of holes using the old window as a guide
  5. Scrape the old adhesive off the hull
  6. Apply new adhesive (special Dow architectural window stuff)
  7. Set new window in place
  8. Fasten window with original screws

We had to wait for a forecast of several clear days, so in the mean time we did a number of home projects.  Peg sanded and painted the front and back decks.  I dropped and cut up a couple of large tree limbs overhanging the driveway.  And so on.

We should be done with the windows by Wednesday, June 29. The boat will be 99% ready for the trip!

UPDATE-Save the Date – Open House July 31

Peg and I plan to sail away on our Great Loop trip August 1.


On July 31 (Sunday), we’d like to have an open house at the Bayport Marina.  Please stop by to visit, see Endeavor, and say goodbye for a year!  We are currently planning 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

The marina address is:

200 Fifth Ave.
Bayport MN 55003

The Marina is off Highway 95, on the south side of Bayport.

We will be renting a transient slip somewhere along “D” dock, as Endeavor is too wide for our normal slip.  Get to D dock by turning right immediately after crossing the railroad tracks.  If you come to a small roundabout you have gone too far and should backtrack.  The red line below shows the path to D dock.  The green line shows the transient slips.


Once we know which slip number we will try to get it out.

Please come send us off, and puzzle at the small domicile the Admiral and I will be sharing until Fall 2017!

New Topping

We took 2 1/2 days out of the boat project schedule to re-shingle the main roof of our house.  This little detour affirmed two things:

  • Roofing is 90% harder 23 years after the last such effort.  The Admiral and I can barely move, much less jump for joy at being done with this important project.


  •  10% of the job takes 90% of the time.  In this case the detail work took far longer than applying shingles en mass.