El-Kabong Returns

Peg is back home.

Back to her favorite tools.

Lopping shears, a favorite for clearing trails through our woods.  Bic lighters for starting her famous bonfires. But mostly her BFH.  Give her her big hammer and she morphs into El-Kabong, the human trash compactor.

One non-tool she really missed was our hot tub.  Few things offset Winter like lounging in a pool of 102 degree water under the stars.  Sadly, da tub has become a maintenance hassle and an energy hog, so it had to go.  A quick Craigslist ad and the 7′ x 7′ monster was gone in two days…

…to be replaced by a petite 2-person model (also from Craigslist) that uses 1/3 the water and less energy.

Our property has been taken over by a gang of wild turkeys.  Showing up predictably at dinner time every day, they have become more and more brazen.

This evening some sat atop the dog kennel and played Peeping-Tom-Turkey through our back window.

Peg also has a knack for discovering colorful spiders.

We also found a pile of bear scat on one of our trails.  No photo of that visitor, thankfully.

On the human side, we got to visit with, and assist, Jonathon and Rosa.  This duo is on their 3rd time around the Loop aboard their C-Dory 22 “Salty”.  They do each Loop in about 6 months, starting from Florida.  This time around they decided to explore Lake Superior and the Upper Mississippi.  They got to Duluth and put out a request to other Loopers for help portaging between Duluth and the St. Croix River.  Another Looper, Ken, from Hastings, borrowed a trailer and ferried them down to Bayport, where we helped them launch at our marina.

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Labor Day week also marked our first land trip since being home.  We joined my sister Margaret and her Wookie, Doug at Scenic State Park in Northern Minnesota.  They left from our place with their new pride and joy the Saturday before the holiday. We towed ours up Tuesday.

We were treated to nightly meals by this culinary pair; ending up bringing home most of the food we brought.  We also got to spend time with their other new pride and joy, Earl.  Earl is an Anatolian Shephard and a total sweetie.  Roughly the size of a small moose, he is gentle and cuddly.  He also goes ballistic with puppy prancing when his favorite uncle (me) shows up.  Yes, their other pooch Charlie was there, but gets left off the blog for excessive yapping.

The 4-day trip was a good test of our land-sailing rig.  The new diesel pickup towed the trailer easily and we had only a few maintenance issues after storing the trailer for two years.

Peg’s scooter piggybacks on the stern of the trailer and we explored backroads each day.  We’re aware that we make quite a sight on our “hog”.  Leather jackets, helmets, gloves, and Peg’s Queen Seat.  She found this tailbone donut at, where else, Goodwill.  It protects her royal rump and elevates her enough to see over my shoulder.  And it attracts amused looks wherever we go.  Who’s cares?  There days of riding cost $1.73 in gas!

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Coming back home through Grand Rapids, we were lucky to meet up with online gaming friend Randy. He has a computer business in Grand Rapids so we routed our return to pass through town. Brian and I met Randy online a couple of years ago and we’ve been teaming up in war games ever since.  Up to this point we had never met, and it was good to find him just as friendly and funny in person.


Lastly, thanks for all the birthday wishes this week.  The grand day was spent:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Shopping for a new project sailboat (did not find anything good)
  • Drooling over ATVs at Tousley Sports Center (current ATV still does fine, thank you)
  • Shopping at Savers and Goodwill (Peg) and napping in the truck (Don)

And the centerpiece of the day: a no hold’s barred lunch at Arby’s.  Never let it be said those Wills don’t know how to party!

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