Things We Learned Today

This trip has been truly educational. Just today we made several new discoveries which will no doubt improve our character, or at least made idle conversation easier.

Whistling pigs climb trees

The WhistlePig, or Groundhog, can climb trees both to escape predators and to eat leaves.  We’ve never seen groundhogs at home do such a thing, but then again we had lazy dogs and plenty of food at ground level.

Thick as a Brick

The Hudson River Valley was a rich source of red clay. Local companies fired bricks used in the area and shipped downriver to New York City.  Original kilns still dot the area.

Celebrate Incineration

Kingston, our current location, became New York’s state capital in 1777.  Later that year it was burned by the British.  Kingston celebrates and re-enacts the burning every other year , in a citywide theatrical staging of the event.

I had a bike stolen once… never felt the urge to celebrate the anniversary.

The Addams Family Home

We found the Addams family home here in Kingston.  Nobody answered the doorbell.

Iceboats were Yuuuge

At the Kingston Maritime Museum we learned that iceboats were often toys of the rich.  The Vanderbilts and others hired designers to outdo each other’s fancy craft.

Just a wee bit larger than the one dad and I built in 1973.

We were born in the wrong era

Happiness is a tasty, fairly priced meal

Savona’s Trattoria in Kingston has a great Express Lunch deal:  Drink, Soup or Salad, Breadsticks, Entree and Dessert for $12.95.  All of it excellent!

Continuity Counts

Doris McLintock was the youngest resident of the lighthouse pictured yesterday.  She arrived as a 2-week old infant and spent her youth there.  Her recollections of the site helped greatly with restoration efforts.

Rowing Shells need rearview mirrors

As this rowing club glided past our anchorage, I asked how they avoid running into things, as they all look backward.  The answer?  “Lots of open water!”

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