Wacky Waterford

Peanut Butter Wicked Whoopie.  The name is appealing on so many levels.  Aside from the tasty double entendre, finding this treat in the local market kind of summed up the interesting two days spent in Waterford.

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The two local markets allow boaters to take grocery carts the half-mile or so back to the dock.  The markets then send someone around every few days to collect the carts.  The local laundry is four blocks away, so boaters also use the carts to carry laundry back and forth.  Thus it was I was slowly rolling a grocery cart, with seemingly my worldly possessions, through the streets.  Probably didn’t help that I had my grungy work clothes on.

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Clever Solution?

Bolted to a post on the waterfront: an old toolbox…

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… doubling as a case for the dock water supply valve.

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Stubborn as a mule?

Mules were the original motive force pulling barges along the canal, though somewhat less colorful than this one.

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Giant beer tanks recently passed Waterford on their way west over the Erie Canal.  Click this link for an interesting article with pictures and video.  They beat us here by a week.


Yellow Brick Road?

The visitor center has a scale map of the Erie Canal laid in the cobble stones of the waterfront path.  The section nearest the camera is the west end near Buffalo and Niagra Falls.

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Along the path are markers showing locks and towns.

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I will post an easier-to-follow version as we go along.

Canal Map

Free Coffee – Tomorrow?

The crew of Serenity treated us to breakfast at Don and Paul’s Coffee Shop, home of the $2.00 breakfast.  Very small town-ish, very friendly, and very good food.

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The canal has gone through several upgrades in its life.  Old bits and pieces are often left where they are, to become curiosity pieces.

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The original locks sit beside the new Lock 2.  The old locks are now used as a spillway for excess water. By comparison the new lock, lifting only 33 feet, is huge.

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Going Up?

Tomorrow we will start west.  From our dock, we will climb 169 feet in 2 miles up to the Mohawk River via a flight of five locks, the greatest height gain in the shortest distance of any canal in the world.

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Waterford is a friendly and quirky town.  Smiles and greetings are the norm, and everything is a short walk away.  The homes downtown have seen hard use, but people out on front porches brightened our day with friendly hellos.  This house, listing a few degrees to port, just sort of seemed to fit in well with the river community.

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