Poison Spider Mesa

Kyle and I started off today with the goal of riding the Moab Rim Trail.  The trail starts off climbing along narrow ledges perched high above a road and a river.  Such a sheer drop naturally causes certain body parts to clench and adrenalin to surge.

Thus we have added some calming classical guitar to the clip below, both to reduce our viewer’s stress and cover up our whimpering.

We knew that the Rim Trail was considered difficult, mainly due to two large ledges near the beginning.  After that, the trail promised scenic treasures galore… for those who can pass the first two tests.

We failed.

Our Little Mule just doesn’t have the ground clearance for large steps.  At the end of the clip below I make a key statement: “let me put another rock there”.

We tried building up ramps from loose stones, but even that could not get our trusty steed up the rise. So we admitted defeat, drove back down the trail, and put the RZR up in the truck bed.

Then five jeeps from a national off-road club showed up.  They proudly answered our questions about their modified vehicles.

Then I mentioned the rocks…

… and received a lecture, from their apparent leader, on why one should NEVER add rocks to a section to make it easier.  Phrases like “you’ll dumb it down and pretty soon people with drive up in cars” and “only attempt trails that your vehicle can handle” drove home his point.  He said they had ridden the trail before and should be able to drive right up.

Appropriately chastised, we hoofed it back up the hill to view their obvious skill and wizardry.

The lecturer went first.

And this happened.

Note that I am the one warning that he is about to drop his left front wheel into a deep gap in the rocks.  His spotter should have been watching that.

The next words out of his mouth?

Let’s throw some rocks down there…“.

Phrases like: “Pride goeth before the fall” and “Do as I say, not as I do” were ringing in my mind.

But I kept my mouth closed, smiled at him, and we walked away.

We headed to the Poison Spider Mesa parking lot.  The lot was just across the river but required several miles of driving to reach.  By the time we returned to the parking lot we both declared this our favorite trail.

It has a little of everything:

A section called “The Waterfalls” that present intimidating looking stair step climbs that are actually fairly easy and a total blast.

This waterfall was the only section that had some sand on the rock face.  As you can see, the RZR just powered up with a little wheel spin.  The driver can feel the interaction easily and control the power as necessary.

As Kyle powers up this next section you get a good view of our “Action Packer” and camera case strapped in the RZR’s cargo space.  Well-sealed cases are a must at Moab to keep sand from invading everything.

An area on top of the mesa where Kyle could indulge his lead foot in sand and gravel.

Great panoramic views.

And a stunning overlook of the Moab Valley.

The ride was a wonderful bow tied around Kyle and Leah’s visit with us.  The  ladies planned and executed a tasty Chicken, Steak, Corn on the Cob and Salad meal to wrap up the evening.

Life is good.  Friends are Great.



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  1. Looks like a great adventure. You missed your calling though YOU SHOULD have been a writer. I love your discriptions of events and feelings all with a sense of humor.
    Keep up the Blog l

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