Hell’s Revenge Revisited

Our friends left for home. Peg was Razer’d out.  So I went off solo to watch the rock crawlers at Hell’s Revenge.  With the wind blowing 20+ mph, any place not high on solid rock was a sandblast chamber.

This time I captured a better clip of the steep climbs using the Osmo camera gimbal.

This one, the longest climb still freaks me out.

I didn’t think there could be a steeper example until I took the path up to Mickey’s Hot Tub. The link shows the tub and a failed Jeep attempt.  Warning: Turn down your sound, the music is obnoxious.

I don’t have video of me going up; I was too busy gripping the steering wheel to hold the camera in one hand.  I knew my RZR could make it because I just watched and identical one go up.  That did nothing to take away the rush of climbing an obscenely steep, narrow, winding, bumpy path.

Going back down was 20 times easier.  Maybe 21.

Two of the four rock crawling challenges that make the trail famous:

Hell’s Gate

Tipover Challenge

Note that the rock just below the Tipover Challenge is covered with shattered windshield glass… evidence of the number of people who have destroyed vehicles on this test.  Our RZR was a spectator and not a participant.  Much cheaper and just as fun.

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