Taking it for Granite

Scenery aside, RV travel tends to involve a lot of the same things. RV parks begin to look the same. The same store chains, or regionally-named equivalents, fill most towns. Gas stations and truck stops blend together. Call it the homogenization (same-ification?) of America.

Yet each day we find something unique, like the floating granite ball in Santa Paula, California.

This physical wonder, called a Kugel Ball, floats a 5,000 pound granite ball on a friction-less layer of pressurized water. Simple hand pressure changes the direction or rotational speed of the sphere. A mass that large takes a while to accelerate or decelerate, so firm pressure and patience is required. (Video below takes a few seconds to load… fairly large)

Peg takes the Santa Paula Kugel Ball for a spin. She must be part ant, because she can move 50 times her weight!

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