30 Days in CA

As we wrap our month in California we recorded this Best/Worst list:

  • Best New Buddy – Bennett. Hands Down. Period.
The Smile Factory
  • Best Way to Spend 21 Days – Holidays with Nikki, Nate, Bennett, Stella, Chris, Natalie, Liz, Dawn and Paul.
  • Best (Most Courteous) Drivers – San Francisco drivers, mostly, are the nicest we’ve encountered. They let you merge, they watch out for bikes, and they often drive below the speed limit… although that may be a limitation of their hybrid cars!
  • Worst Drivers – Los Angeles. Thumbs Down. Period.
  • Best Amusement Park Substitute – Piloting a 3/4 ton, crew cab, diesel pickup truck on the narrow, steep hills of San Francisco.
  • Best Sick Thrill: Putting the fear of god into Smart Car drivers.
  • Best Reunion – Visiting high school friend Kim and her family in Ojai after MANY years.
Peg and Kim
  • Worst thing to share the road
  • Best Scenery – Pretty much all of it.
San Luis Reservoir Panorama
Near Santa Paula

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