Short Cut

I’ve always suspected my mate was an alien, a concern strengthened by our visit to Roswell, New Mexico.

The UFO Museum is mainly stocked with “supporting” documents.

The town sure capitalizes on the controversy. Alien symbols are everywhere: in the Savings and Loan logo, in the flying saucer-shaped kids area at MacDonalds, in the many green statues and kitschy stores.

Roswell also boasts a surprisingly large list of famous people connected to the town… who may or may not have been aliens.

Then again, the residents of the Roswell zoo appeared to consider me alien, so there you go.

Leaving Roswell, we worked our way across mid-Texas at a series of Walmart stops.

At Snyder, we stocked up on provisions.

At Abilene we settled amid an immense invasion of migrating Grackles.

At Fort Worth we decided to take a short cut home. Our outbound route to San Francisco looked like this:

Home to San Francisco

To gain moderate temperatures, we returned along a more southerly route.

San Francisco to Springerville, AZ

We originally planned to roam east and south, spending February on the road. The expected Polar Vortex changed our minds. Better to shorten the trip by 1/3 and be at home to protect the house in -35F, we thought.

Seeing a weather window between cold fronts and snow storms, we elected to do a 2-day scoot back home, with a stop just south of Kansas City. There, we winterized the trailer water system and packed everything into cardboard boxes we got from a grocery store.

Leaving early morning from KC, we beat the incoming snow storm by an hour. Pre-packed boxes sped the unloading process and we settled at home for the coming deep-freeze. Good to be home, hibernating like bears.

Of course, the cold may or may not explain the alien life form sighted later…

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