About Us


Peg: Admiral of the Will fleet, the center of my universe and my density.  She has mostly retired from her woodworking business and is adjusting slowly to having me around the house all the time.  Her mode of adventure is to head out and make it up as she goes along. Fortunately Peg is an intelligent person with a ton of common sense.

Don:  Captain of whatever craft the Admiral affords me.  Retired after 35 years at 3M, I am now applying those managerial skills to making our adventure dreams possible.  Yes, I drive the admiral crazy with comprehensive project plans, kan-ban’s, detailed discussions and so on.  It is my Yin to her Yang.

9 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. I love reading about your adventures. The love you have for each other is apparent – keep having fun, grow in faith as you experience and see more of God in His creation 💏.


  1. Just found your blog, and have been following. We slip in Red Wing, and did the loop on our Cruisers 390 Sport Coupe – 20BUCK$ – from August of 2011 to August 2012. I almost feel over when I saw you visited with the Mathers. We met them thru some Looper friends out of Galena, IL, who we hooked up with on the way downriver. We saw them in Marathon FL, where they gave me a ride to the Key West airport for an emergency trip home, and stopped at their place on our way back up.
    Looks like you two have everything under control, and are well equipped. I found your “fuel milage” experiment fascinating. Love those “mechanical innovations”. Wishing you smooth sailing, and will be following.
    Ken & Pat G.


    1. AYB is a great place! We stayed there on our loop when we came out of the Dismal Swamp, and again last year when I ran a 52′ Krogen there from Maine for winter starage. They have some interesting employees!
      Amazing you saw Mathers again!

      Ken on the 20BUCK$


  2. We have been following your adventure and envy you so much! Great journey, interesting places and people, and of course, warm weather!


  3. Saw Endeavor for Sale on AGLCA. Had question about how easy it is to lower/raise mast for transit through the canal part of loop. Browsed your archives but didn’t see much on subject. Looking for boat for loop next year and prefer sailboat since that is where most of my experience is. Thanks, Doug


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